Creative Network

Collaboration fuels our creativity, and that’s why we are featuring some exceptional freelancers we have collaborated with on various projects. These are fellow creatives we trust and admire, and together we form a rich tapestry of expertise. 

We believe in the power of connections, cultivating a collaborative environment where ideas flourish, and projects come to life. Whether you’re seeking top-notch photography, cutting-edge web design, or captivating videography, our network stands ready to bring your vision to reality.

Heather Longwell

Freelance Videographer

Heather Longwell is passionate and committed to capturing and delivering unique and precious moments that’ll be remembered forever. A few years ago now, she completed a Master of Arts in Film & Television Studies from the University of Glasgow, a truly picturesque location in the heart of Glasgow. Her career in videography really began in the city, working alongside local well renowned events companies like The Blue Parrot Events Group, shooting for clients such as Glasgow’s favourite Buff Club, and global brands including Lululemon, British Airways, and BAFTA Scotland.

© – Photo Heather Longwell

Emily Brooks Millar

Freelance Illustrator

Emily Brooks Millar is a visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, whose work primarily focuses on British and American political issues. A dark sense of humour and satire are present throughout her work, where an illustrative style sheds light on complex topics. Through paint and animation, her pieces are underpinned by her background in Oral History. As winner of the Neil Rafeek Prize (2022), she translates extensive interviewee discussions into creations for mass audiences. Alongside this, she is heavily inspired by current internet culture, identity and user interaction. Projecting a voice for the voiceless is always her main objective.

© – Illustration Emily Brooks Millar

Agathe Monnot

Web Designer & Photographer

After graduating from art school, Agathe started her career as a photographer in France, working first as a studio photographer, then freelance for various clients.

She fell in love in (and with) Scotland while travelling and moved to Glasgow in 2016. She went back to school and studied web development during the pandemic. She is now a full time web designer.

© – Photo Agathe Monnot

Leighanne Evelyn

Freelance PORTRAIT & BRANDING Photographer

Leighanne Evelyn is a portrait and branding photographer originally from Boston but now based in the Southside of Glasgow. She is passionate about supporting local businesses and badass brands through photography. She resonates with brands she can see herself in, brands that are participating in intentional and impactful business practices, brands that are fun, brands that are exciting, and brands that become staples in your home.

With 17 years of photography experience, she will help you elevate your brand’s story in a fresh, authentic, and not-awkward way. From portraits to products, from blog content to social posts, and everything in between, she’s your gal.

© – Photo Leighanne Evelyn

Maryne Fournier


Maryne moved to Scotland in 2020 and never left it since, enjoying the creative energy and unique story of the city. After completing a Master’s degree in history, she soon started to work for NGOs and museums to share her passion for both heritage and human rights advocacy. She facilitated workshops, conducted research and crafted educational content across various mediums.

In 2023, she founded Heritage Alley, a project dedicated to providing
French-speaking tours of Glasgow and comprehensive services for heritage,
cultural and tourism organisations seeking to enrich their offerings.

© – Photo Maryne Fournier