Oat My Goodness

Oat My Goodness is an oat-based Swiss dairy-free / vegan ice cream brand with the aim to make you fall in love at first bite. Just because we’re vegan, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on that creamy, flavour-filled goodness.

We’re in need of a fresh brand identity and innovative packaging for our new original Luxury Collection: our launch flavours are Swiss Vanilla Swirl (a classic), Chocolate Orange Delight and Strawberry Shortcake. We need a new logo and packaging designs for the 3 new flavours. We aim to showcase the quality of our new products in a colourful, not too mainstream way, which can be appealing to a younger audience.

For this project, we wanted to emphasise the playfulness of the brand with fun and vibrant colours and font. Our goal was to say that vegan ice cream can be delicious and creamy and can have a good impact on the planet.