Leighanne Evelyn

We designed the new visual identity of Leighanne Evelyn’s photography and filming business. 

Her brand represents represents authenticity, creativity, and heart. As a one-woman band, she wears many hats, whether it’s photography, filming, directing, or producing. Her brand is a reflection of who she is, and her passion for storytelling is evident in every project she takes on. Her brand is all about the experience. When clients work with her, they can expect quality work, but more than that, her sessions are a positive and joyful experience. She believes in creating spaces that allow clients to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, no matter what kind of session it is.

At the heart of Leighanne Evelyn’s brand is her passion for storytelling. Whether she captures honest portraits, creates creative branding content, or films heartfelt weddings, she approaches each project with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication. The first brand identity incorporates all of these elements, with a touch of boldness and retro on the typography. Vibrant colors were used to reflect the joy and kindness that are integral to her brand. The focus was on highlighting her passion for storytelling and authenticity. The photography sessions are not just a simple photoshoot but they are joyful and such a confidence boost. 

The aim was to capture the essence of her brand’s unique and engaging personality, showcasing her ability to create an inviting atmosphere and a sincere connection with her clients.